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Our Philosophy

Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple; to make organic cotton accessible to everyone. Being difficult is not our thing, we believe in easy communication and being transparent. We don’t pretend to be saving the world, we don’t deliver instant karma. Hugging? We prefer to hug our new sweater than to hug a tree. Showing that things can be done differently and inspire others to do the same. The use of organic and recycled materials is not a way to differentiate ourselves from the rest. It is the first step to an industry, the way it should be. An industry in which sustainability and honesty is the standard, not an exception. Together with you, we wish to distinguish and reduce the difference between fast and slow fashion. We do this with a wink, there are enough things we must be serious about in life. Fashion is a playground and we like to play around.

The Story

We love style and a are a big fan of fashion. However, not one of the most polluting industries that hides behind our love of Fashion. The confrontation with the terrible working conditions in India created our mission; show the world that fashion can be different. A lifetime friendship was created with the owners of the factory in South India. Together we set forth our new standards and made the production process a lot friendlier, for our environment and our employees. This is where People’s Avenue originates and with that a new look on fashion.


Do you know the feeling, a closet full of clothing but nothing to wear? Shirts that can be thrown out after being washed three times. Pants of which you don’t understand why you would have walked around in them last season. Buying dictated entirely trends with an it is never enough mentality. Quantity over Quality.
What makes us happy? A timeless design, the scent of clean laundry, minimalism and soft fabrics that feel like your second skin. To guarantee the best quality, we only use environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. These products are not only sustainable but are also less sensitive to allergies and scent. Curious about all the materials we use, read more under Materials.


The textile industry, behind the energy industry, is the most polluting industry in the world. To make a difference we are one of the first companies that uses a fully enclosed recycling system in which 98% of the water we use is being recycled. Unfortunately, the road to a better industry is not always an easy one. We are also not there yet, to guarantee the best quality, a portion of our clothing is still being chemically painted. We keep looking for new and better ways to improve our production and will be the first to switch to organic paint, the moment that the quality matches our standards. Coco Chanel once said “Every day is a fashion show and the world is our catwalk.” Let’s take care of our catwalk.


There is no glamour in producing clothing. Every day, people work up a sweat to produce the items we love in the store. We are grateful for our employees that produces for us every day. Sincerity at People’s Avenue doesn’t only stand for transparency about where our products come from and who produce them, but also entails that our employees get fair wages and can work in a safe environment. Through this process we do not only improve the way our clothing is being produced, but we also make sure that our employees can enjoy themselves on the work floor.


People’s Avenue is a brand by People for People. We believe that organic cotton should be accessible to everybody. Through price, design and feeling of the stores, together we can change the industry. We are also curious about you.
What is your look on fashion and what do you expect from People’s Avenue? Join our communities on Facebook and Instagram or come in for a chat in one of our stores.