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Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is manufactured without the use of chemicals, such as pesticides or fertilizer. The production of organic cotton is entirely based up the use of non-genetically manipulated seeds, making organic cotton a very sustainable alternative. Besides being sustainable, organic cotton is also super soft and less susceptible to allergies and scent. The organic cotton used in our clothing is 100% GOTS certified.


Modal is a fabric gained from wood pulp of the beech tree. These beech trees are grown in sustainable forests specifically devoted to maintaining recuperation of nature. Modal is a very soft, flexible fabric with a silky shine. Modal, in contrast to what softness presumes, is a very strong material. Due to its composition, Modal fabrics are easily washed and hardly shrink.


Lyocell, just like Modal, is made of beech trees and is recognized as the successor of Modal. The Lyocell fabric is smooth like silk, stronger than cotton, light-hearted like linen and is capable of high moisture absorption. In the production process of Lyocell, water and solvents can be used repeatedly, making the process much more sustainable that conventional methods of production.

Recycled Polyester

Why throw something away if you can recycle it? Polyester is made on a basis of crude oil. Due to the high amounts of energy and water needed, production of polyester is not at all environmentally friendly. Through the process of PET recycling, clothing or nylon fish nets recycling we can prevent that more crude oils need to be processed. This results in less energy consumption and a lower pile of trash.


Bamboo is a plant that grows extremely fast, therefore the growth of Bamboo involves little water and no pesticides or fertilizers are needed. Due to the high growth rate of Bamboo, the Bamboo can be harvested multiple times a year, without causing irreparable damage to nature. Bamboo fabric has a silky appearance and feels very soft. Bamboo fabric has a high moisture absorption and the color of the fabric remains clear longer.